Letter: Ideal worth remembrance

Newcastle’s Remembrance Day ceremony.ONCE again we have a small school cowering to minority groups and receiving five minutes of fame.

Carrington Public School has decided to ban prayers and hymns at this year’s Remembrance Day.

Reason, the school was overwhelmingly secular.

Has the school ever considered that the day is about our service people and their immense sacrifices in hellish circumstances, not some frustrated social engineers looking to make a personal stand and all the publicity that flows from that.

I would hazard a guess that in such dire times our Diggers sought comforts in a prayer or two, and who wouldn’t?

In recent times we have witnessed schools make arbitrary decisions from singing ‘‘baa baa rainbow sheep’’, to not being allowed to do cartwheels, no contact, and now this.

Seriously, we expect two things from our education staff, a good education and to remain safe and well.

Please do that and leave the life decisions to the parents.

Adam Hahn,