Letter: Race horses in good paddock

LIKE Gary Topic (‘‘There’s no sport in gambling’’ Herald 6/11), I am deeply saddened by any racehorse deaths.

He blames this all on gambling and is seriously misinformed.

There is more to the thoroughbred industry than gambling.

I have bred horses, two of which are now racing and succeeding.

The trainers give ‘‘their all’’ to care for these magnificent animals, as do the owners, many of whom do not gamble.

I would have lost a seriously ill horse if it had not been for the trainer and his staff going ‘‘above and beyond’’ to make her well again.

My horses cost me a lot financially and I stress when they race, but I am only too happy to see that they receive the best care possible, and they show their love.

Mr Topic is welcome to join me travelling the racetracks and stables and get some education in the thoroughbred industry, and hopefully he will have an attitude change.

Name withheld,