Police target drink drivers

Sgt Kevin Taylor Moora OICMOORA Police will continue to target road users in the coming weeks.

Some people just refuse to do the right thing and make poor choices which result in them driving vehicles while affected by alcohol.

In the past month we have charged four drivers within Moora townsite with alcohol related driving offences. Two of those took place in the last week and both will appear in the Moora Magistrates Court on Wednesday, December 10.

I plead with everyone in our community to do the right thing and ensure the safety and welfare of our community members by not consuming alcohol and then driving.

Nominate a skipper and enjoy your night out and make sure you get home safe but even more important your actions of driving alcohol affected does not impact innocent bystanders.

I make no apologies if staff from Moora Police stop you and determine you are affected by alcohol and driving you will be prosecuted and the likely outcome is that you will lose the right to hold a drivers licence.

Operation Dust Off, a Wheatbelt District Police initiative ensuring licensed firearm licence holders were doing the right thing has been ongoing for two months.

Moora Police have checked more than 80 licence holders and wish to praise the general good security and management of firearms and ammunition by licence holders in our patch. We will continue with checks as the weeks progress so keep up the high standards.

Remember your local police are now on twitter so get online and read our tweets and provide input as to any criminal activity @MooraPol.

If you see any suspicious or unusual activities please contact us at the police station or ring 131444.